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MID2-A002 - 4"" Aluminum Elbow For Midas 2. Cross drop prevention elbow - LJI Part: MID2-A002


More Information
Part Number MID2-A002
Brand Berrys Technologies
Size 4"
Unit Count Type ea
unit count 1

The Midas 2 System - Cross Drop Prevention

Berry's Midas Elbow

What is it?

  • A game-changing Anti cross drop device that replaces your regular fuel deliver fittings.
  • What it does.Reads the fuel type being delivered into bulk storage tanks at gas stations, the system discriminates between gasoline, Diesel, & water avoiding tank contamination.
  • How it works.The RFID Tag installed in Spill bucket communicates with the Elbow, not just telling the Elbow what grade to allow into the UST but also passing on any information the tag has written onto it, such as the tank number, retailer & site address. The Elbow already has the time, date & year stored in non-volatile memory. The customer can call the shots on what information is stored on the Elbow however basic or informative.
  • Bluetooth technology allows the user to upload this information via an app.
  • The device also sounds an audible alarm and sends a readable message to the driver alerting he or she that there was a problem with the fuel choice, allowing the driver to rectify the error. No incorrect fuel ever reaches the UST tank.
  • Tanker drivers carry the portable elbows in their truck, which once hooked to the fill position in the spill bucket and hose leading to the fuel tank, sense which fuel is the correct one for dropping into which UST. The RFID tag permanently installed in the spill bucket continues communicating with the Midas Elbow passing on any information the tag has had written onto it, such as the tank number and retailer or the site address. The Midas Elbow already has the time, date and year information stored in its non-volatile memory. A customer can determine what other information, however basic or dense, they choose to record and store. All data will be downloadable via a smartphone app coming soon.
  • Drivers can carry two Midas Elbows on their truck and easily connect the Midas Elbow to any bulk fuel storage tank meaning a Midas Elbow isn't needed for every tank filling point, making it a very cost-effective solution.
  • The Midas is patented and holds UL-certifications, UL1203, UL429, as well as IECex and Atex certifications.
  • Until now avoiding such cross-contamination issues was an expensive proposition. Other industry leaders make use of multiple component systems that require operators to upgrade fittings, buckets and trailers. Competitors' systems still rely on the driver to make decisions, which, unfortunately, sometimes means making bad ones. The Midas Elbow eliminates that weak spot.
  • The smart technology of the Midas Elbow offers a number of key benefits:
  • Protects your business from costly fuel tank contamination
  • Protects customers from misfuelling their vehicles
  • Protects your business from third-party damages and claims, protecting your brand's image and reputation
  • Removes the human error factor from the delivery process, protecting your drivers history
  • The system was developed nearly a decade ago in the UK and has been installed all over the globe at fixed fill positions at gas stations, -30 In Russia to + 50 in Oman. The 2nd generation (Midas Elbow) has been modified to suit the North American market, so it's portable and more compact with improved technology.

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